“Finally a book that helps young people navigate the workplace rules set up by older generations and navigate the obstacles that so often hold them back.”

Stephen M. R. Covey

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“Chip Espinoza knows millennials. In his latest book, Millennials@Work, Chip reaches out and speaks directly to this unique generation as they enter the working world. If you want to be better informed about how millennials will impact the workplace, this book is for you. And if you were born after 1982, this book is about you. Read it!”

Ken Blanchard

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Queen of Clean Up

My boss is the queen of clean up. She spends the majority of her time sweeping our owner accounts to correct payment status and other statistics. While I understand that clean up is important, I do not feel that it should get in the way of essential daily tasks. This past fall, she handed me a list of approximately 2,000 duplicate owner accounts that needed to be combined. Our busy season runs from September through March so I found it unbelievable that she was piling this on my plate when I should have been focused on entering new owner information to make sure that all owners were being billed that should be. If I had focused on the account combinations, I would have ensured that certain owners were receiving one bill with all contracts instead of numerous bills because their contracts were in different accounts. On the other hand, if I ignored the new owners that needed to be added to the system, they wouldn’t have received a bill in a timely manner. what is my whois . whois directory . domain dns domain archive . link checker . check broken links my cloud . cirrus cloud . domain archive . expired domains Cementacni prasek . . Necotelcugen . peta dunia...

One Man Show

I have felt ignored in my job. When one of the organizations I was working for went through some pretty tough budget cuts they ended up making some unpopular decisions. Basically this resulted in my boss leaving and me being the only staff member left in the department. I talked with those over me about my concerns, what I was willing to do to keep things afloat, and asked for direction. whois directory . domain list domain hosting For two months I did not have anyone even acknowledge that I was in the department…basically I was a one man show. just ask . I felt like the hard work I put in during that time was not recognized or truly understood. In years following I was given lip-service from higher ups regarding their appreciation for the work I did…but they had no clue. web mentions nimbus cloud oracle cloud domain archive . expired domains Cementacni prasek Necotelcugen . peta dunia...

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